​ioGates Adds Automation And Metadata Capabilities

The enhancements let users define multiple sharing rules in a single ioGates ‘Smart Link.’ New metadata extraction capabilities index freshly shot content intended to make it easy for DITs, production staff and editors to locate frequently searched material like “slates,” “scenes” and “takes”.

The new ioGates desktop app manages secure uploads and downloads to and from mobile devices, workstations and servers. The secure gateway facilitates sharing of ioGates ‘Smart Links’ with external collaborators - no account required. ioGates desktop app users can create multiple sharing rules within each individual Smart Link, automating file movements and processing tasks.

“It is not only our customers who want to upload and download files to and from their account - it's their clients and partners too. So ioGates works bidirectionally for sharing and receiving,” states Tobias Steinmann, co-founder and CTO. “With these new capabilities, ioGates users can automate tasks within the ioGates “Smart Link” such as automatically transcode the original camera negative (OCN) content for download into a NLE application. The user can also set ioGates to monitor for NLE export activity for that particular content folder and set it to share to an individual or an entire team. It's deep control over what you share with and who you share it with, yet simple enough to set up in minutes.”

The ‘Smart Link’ creates a link between the ioGates library hosted in the cloud and a local folder, giving users the flexibility to open only specific folders for downloading or uploading.

Tobias adds, “Other vendors typically use a transfer app that requires account credentials for the login, which in our view is more complicated and assumes all the recipients to be users of the system, which is often not the case and therefore inconvenient.”

The new metadata extraction capability indexes file names, letting users search metadata to quickly zero in on clips.

“It’s common to hear “can you find this take?” on set or in the editing room. Sifting through thousands of clips with obscure file names can be painstaking and time-consuming. But ioGates is able to search through metadata structures without the need for using XML, which is a massive simplification for non-technical users,” explains Steinmann. “Now, you can find and use the exact details to quickly locate shots. This is especially important today where many productions are restricted to smaller crews on set and may not have a script reporter to track notes. ioGates is a massive time-saver, doing the heavy lifting of identifying and searching through the metadata associated with the raw production content. This allows directors to review shots and take decisions faster.”

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