Ikegami Introduces ULE-315 Multiformat Full-HD 3G-SDI Video Monitor

Designed for studio environments the 31.5 inch model has two 425M-A 3G/HD SDI inputs, Y/Pb/Pr analogue component inputs (3 x BNC), plus a 3G/HD-SDI active loop-through output.

HDMI, DVI and VGA inputs are also provided as well as an audio input and RS-422 (RJ45) control interface. The monitor's integral encoder is compatible with all commonly used video signal formats, from 480i and 480p up to 2048 x 1080p.

"The ULE-315 is a highly versatile Grade III monitor offering SDI connectivity plus a wide range of production-related capabilities at a cost-effective price," says Michael Lätzsch, Broadcast & Professional Video Division Manager at Ikegami Electronics. "We are confident that it will meet the requirements of broadcasters, post-production companies and playout service providers, the majority of whom have a strong investment in SDI infrastructure."

Video-related features of the ULE-315 include safety area markers, adjustable scan modes (zero scan/over-scan/pixel-by-pixel) and blue/mono mode. Audio features include 16-channel SDI-embedded level display meters, internal loudspeakers and a front panel stereo headphone output.

The monitor can be color-calibrated with measuring probes from Ikegami-recognised manufacturers. The display is a 1920 x 1080 pixel IPS-type AHVA panel delivering Full-HD resolution within +/- 178 degree viewing angles.

Light in weight (12 kg) and compact in size (744 x 502 x 160 mm WHD with stand, 744 x 450 x 70 mm without stand), the ULE-315 can be used on a desktop or attached to VESA wall mounts. It operates from 100 to 240 volts AC mains and has a 50 watts rated power consumption.

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