Austrian Parliament Launches OTT Platform With Insys Video Technologies

The Austrian Parliament has launched an OTT platform to record and transmit parliamentary sessions, using the Insys Cloud Video Recorder running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This allows the country’s citizens to access live video streams across several channels for parliamentary sessions, including events, press conferences, and committees. The live streams are also recorded and stored automatically in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). The recordings can then be downloaded, as well as streamed on-demand via the web player.

The recordings are made using the Insys Cloud Video Recorder, integrated with AWS Media Services to ensure the videos can be prepared, processed, and delivered as quickly and easily as possible. Services used include AWS Elemental MediaLive for live video encoding, AWS Elemental MediaPackage for video packaging and delivery, and AWS Elemental MediaConvert for file-based video transcoding.

ORS (Österreichische Rundfunksender GmbH & Co KG), which provides broadcast infrastructure, was also involved in the project. ORS CEO Michael Wagenhofer said, “Insys Cloud Video Recorder makes it simple to implement a secure and scalable channel while recording live sessions, something that is particularly important for government entities.”

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