MediaKind Launches Asset Processing Package

MediaKind, the media technology vendor spun out of Ericsson, has launched Aquila On-Demand, a package for processing and delivery of video files over cable, IPTV or OTT, to any device.

It supports relevant technologies such as HEVC, 8K and CMAF (Common Media Application Format), while transforming file based content for on demand delivery. This new offering within the MediaKind portfolio is designed to help TV operators package and present existing content more appealingly, while reducing operational complexity, optimizing server footprint and accelerating deployment of services that deliver valuable assets.

The package enables the encode, transformation, processing, packaging and delivery of file-based video content, through streaming services. Automated workflow can trigger both encoding and packaging processing from a single standalone request or can be controlled from an external content management system, such as the MediaKind CMS, as part of a complete workflow. Support for fast asset provisioning can accelerate time to market, whilst embedded just-in-time packaging and encryption supports common formats and DRM platforms. Alternatively, content can be created in pre-packaged format for publication to external origins, including the MediaKind Video Storage Processing Platform (VSPP).

Codecs supported include MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC and HEVC. Using techniques such as MediaKind’s Constant Video Quality (CVQ) technology, operators can ensure a broadcast quality for content whilst minimizing distribution bandwidth costs, according to the company. The package is designed to optimize picture quality at all resolutions, from SD to 8K. It also supports current players and delivery mechanisms such as converged CMAF chunks for DASH and HLS and common encryption to ensure further optimization.

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