LiveU Supports General Election Coverage For Singapore Media

Multiple field units streamed video from events and polling stations.

LiveU technology provided key live streaming support during Singapore’s General Election 2020 in June that enabled Mediacorp, Singapore’s largest content creator and national media network, to provide comprehensive live coverage from 31 constituencies across the country.

Mediacorp used multiple field units to stream high-quality live video from Nomination Day events and the polling stations, coverage of candidates at their constituencies and results on Polling Day itself. Leveraging LiveU cloud technology, Mediacorp also used LiveU’s platform for multi-destination distribution and disaster recovery. On the ground, management and support for the complex project was provided by LiveU’s Singapore partner, Elevate Broadcast. Elevate’s role has been crucial, both in the run-up preparations and on Polling Day itself.

James Hollis, Lead, Production Services, News and Current Affairs Mediacorp, said, “This election was like no other, with social distancing paramount and additional measures to take into account when planning and providing coverage. LiveU’s high availability solutions guaranteed flawless transmission around the clock from multiple locations, enabling us to cover the election extensively, while keeping to the strict safety measures. Using LiveU’s cloud technology, we could also multistream the live broadcast footages to our YouTube and Digital platforms, bringing the live feeds to wider audiences, without needing large crews onsite.”

LiveU is now working with Mediacorp to rev up its operations for its coverage of Singapore’s National Day on August 9 in which LiveU’s technology will be used to share live feeds from across the island allowing Singapore citizens to enjoy the celebrations while maintaining social distancing and safety guidelines.

Yaal Eshel, General Manager – LiveU Asia, said, “Mediacorp provided exemplary election coverage around the country under challenging conditions. It was great to see our technology in action, delivering reliable live feeds and IP distribution as part of a seamless content workflow.”

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