Veset Stratus Available In AWS

Veset Stratus is a simple but powerful cloud playout application, now available in AWS Marketplace.

Veset Stratus is an easy to use all-in-one web application for creating live (linear) TV channels. It is aimed at any video content owner looking for a hassle-free way to schedule and manage 24/7 or pop-up channels. Veset Stratus enables users to combine live and pre-recorded (e.g. VOD) content with live broadcast graphics and SCTE-35 markers into a single high-quality IP stream ready for distribution.

Now with the launch of Veset Stratus application in AWS Marketplace, the company adds another powerful tool for content owners looking to launch channels on demand. By subscribing to Veset Stratus through AWS Marketplace customers benefit from a frictionless sign-up and payment process, with subscription being automated and consolidated into their monthly AWS invoice. Using AWS Marketplace listing, AWS users can launch Stratus on demand and pay per minute of playout use.

Commenting on Stratus launch in AWS Marketplace, Igor Krol, CEO of Veset, commented: “With our Veset Stratus product we want to simplify the process of launching, scheduling and managing linear channels, both 24/7 and pop-ups. AWS Marketplace is a powerful service which offers many benefits including secure and streamlined access to our application. In addition customers can use their AWS accounts to leverage various additional AWS Media Services to distribute and process channel feeds originated by Veset Stratus and also connect.”

AWS Packages

Three Stratus packages are available in AWS Marketplace reflecting most common use cases:

  • STARTER: singles RTMP or HLS output without SCTE-35 markers (sample use case: pop-up Youtube channel dedicated to a specific event (e.g. concert))
  • ABR HLS + SCTE-35: 6 HLS variable bitrate profiles with SCTE-35 markers (sample use case: channel for OTT platforms distribution (e.g. Xumo, DistroTV, STIRR, etc.))
  • SINGLE UDP/RTP-FEC/HLS + SCTE-35: single output (choice of encoding) with SCTE-35 markets (sample use case: channel with UDP output stream going to AWS MediaConnect for distribution to multiple satellite/cable headends)

Being native to AWS, Stratus output can be sent directly to AWS Media Services including Amazon CloudFront, AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS Elemental MediaStore, and AWS Elemental MediaConnect.

Founded in 2011 Veset is a technology disruptor in linear television playout space. Veset was one of the first to deploy a native AWS-based linear channel management platform for video content owners. It offers two core SaaS products on its platform – Veset Nimbus, an advanced professional linear channel origination solution, and Veset Stratus, a simplified playout for VOD content owners and live event channel management. Veset platform can be deployed on AWS and other leading public clouds, and the channel feeds originated by Nimbus and Stratus can be delivered to OTT and traditional distribution.

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