BBC Studios Picks SES For Playout

BBC Studios (BBCS) and its subsidiary UKTV have picked Luxembourg based SES to manage playout and distribution of over 50 linear channels along with their associated video on demand (VOD) services.

SES will deliver BBCS and UKTV content to a network of affiliates globally and in the UK. These services will be based on SES’s European global delivery services with technical playout infrastructure provided from its new Stockley Park facility in London. Then SES’s Munich playout facility will oversee operational management.

BBCS is the commercial production and distribution arm of the BBC, creating over 2,500 hours of content every year. It promotes the creative talent of the BBC and the UK internationally, operating a global content distribution and branded services business. UKTV is then wholly owned subsidiary of BBCS, producing branded content spanning comedy, entertainment, natural history, factual and drama. The broadcaster is a significant investor in British creativity and is committed to working with new and established writers, directors and programme-makers.

“Our UK and global audiences and advertisers expect seamlessly delivered high-quality services, and in the transforming world of broadcast we need flexibility and responsiveness to meet ever changing audience demands,” said Marcus Arthur, President UK, Ireland BBC Studios & CEO UKTV. 

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