Object Matrix Rebrands MatrixStore Storage Service

Object Matrix, based in Cardiff, UK, has relaunched its managed storage service as MatrixStore Cloud.

Previously called MatrixStore as a Service, the rebranding follows addition of new clients and a surge in demand for managed cloud-based object storage.

The cloud storage platform is designed for creative and production teams to access content either from work or remotely. It comes with media focused interfaces for protecting, finding and sharing content and enabling remote collaboration between teams.

“Media companies have had to very quickly rethink their content strategies in light of recent events,” noted Jonathan Morgan, CEO, Object Matrix. “MatrixStore Cloud ensures our customers have access to their content even if access to the building is restricted. At the same time, it is vastly cheaper than public cloud offerings and gives customers predictable costs.”

MatrixStore Cloud gives all the functionality of MatrixStore packaged as a managed service. This includes continuous and non-proprietary future proof access to media content with third party integrations, scaling and data movement to a public cloud.

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