Salsa Sound Brings Virtual Crowd To NWSL Challenge Cup

CBS Sports and Vista selected Salsa Sound to provide virtual crowd sounds for the National Womens’ Soccer League Challenge Cup matches. This includes the first game of the competition, held on Saturday 27th June, which was the most-watched game in league history

Salsa Sound’s vCROWD technology creates responsive crowd sound for games with no crowds that can respond to every event on the field of play in real time, making more engaging stadium sound for broadcast.

“The Salsa Sound vCROWD app provides that crucial missing audience excitement and atmosphere to sports whilst stadiums remain empty during the COVID pandemic,” said Ben Shirley, Director at Salsa Sound. “vCROWD was operated in Florida by Vista as part of CBS Sports’ remote production of the NWSL Challenge Cup. vCROWD seamlessly blends multiple loops and individual samples constructed from real game recordings. Every combination of excitement, applause, even booing and whistles, can be easily blended and manipulated using an intuitive touchscreen interface to perfectly respond to events happening on the field of play.

“It was important to us that vCROWD could be operated by anyone with a good understanding of the game, the intuitive multitouch interface allows even non-audio professionals to rapidly control every nuance of a sports crowd,” said Rob Oldfield, CEO at Salsa Sound. “The detail is important to us, authentic goal sounds and near misses, even the ironic cheers when the away team makes a mistake create a more engaging and enjoyable experience for fans.”

vCROWD can be used for multiple sports, even club-specific sounds can be incorporated into the sample set to recreate each stadium’s unique character.

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