Harmonic Upgrades Performance Of VOS SaaS

The release of its VOS SaaS platforms and cloud-native software has features that make live video streaming and broadcast delivery simpler.

“The rapid evolution of cloud technology is ushering in a broad range of innovation in the media industry for both streaming and traditional broadcast applications,” said Shahar Bar, senior vice president, video products and corporate development, Harmonic. “With this summer release for VOS SaaS and cloud-native software, Harmonic continues to drive forward innovation, helping our customers achieve unparalleled efficiency, flexibility and reliability when they pivot to cloud-native environments both on public and private clouds.”

In the VOS360 Live Streaming Platform there are 1+1 geo-redundancy capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted streaming; Tools for effectively managing peak viewing by utilizing multi-CDN and caching capabilities and support for Google Ad Manager and FreeWheel ad management platforms.

In the VOS360 Channel Origination & Distribution Platform there is statmux support in the cloud for reducing infrastructure costs; partnerships for traffic management and playout automation, including with AvecoCrispin/Sony and Florical.

In the VOS Cloud-Native Software, performance boost and density gains can be had with Intel Xeon Scalable Processors. Deployment of broadcast statmux capabilities and CAS vendor integrations can now be made on the same stack.

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