ChyronHego Partners With Stats Perform To Simplify Delivery Of Data-Driven Graphics

ChyronHego has announced a new partnership with Stats Perform to enhance sports venues’ ability to provide the sophisticated, data-rich graphics today’s fans crave. The integration of ChyronHego’s Click Effects Prime stadium and arena graphics with advanced data from Stats Perform gives sports leagues and teams a powerful tool for boosting fan engagement, maintaining brand momentum, and creating valuable new sponsorship opportunities.

We’re proud to partner with leading data providers such as Stats Perform to help our shared clients offer interesting in-venue visuals that enhance their fans’ understanding and enjoyment of the game,” said Olivier Cohen, senior vice president, marketing at ChyronHego. “The combination of Click Effects Prime and ChyronHego’s creative services with advanced data from Stats Perform allows users to create more meaningful experiences for fans and to incorporate new sponsored elements into the game-day production. It’s a win for everyone.”

Click Effects Prime unites the authoring, rendering, and platform-agnostic data-binding power of ChyronHego’s Prime Graphics Platform with industry-leading arena graphics generation and custom digital display control. With a simple point and click, Click Effects Prime operators can deliver real-time graphics, video clips, audio tracks, animations, and sponsor ads that take storytelling to the next level.

Stats Perform collects rich sports data and applies artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock in-depth insights that power engaging and informative visualizations. Integration of this data with Click Effects Prime allows for rapid, highly automated generation of timely, data-driven graphics that illustrate key elements of the game. With sophisticated graphics — player images, bar charts, heat maps, and much more — displaying up-to-the-minute stats on player and team performance, as well as historical data, operators can give fans a more complete understanding of what’s happening on the field or court.

Because Click Effects Prime makes it easy to push data-rich graphics to social media and digital platforms, sports leagues, teams, and venues can extend fan engagement to those fans watching from home and, in some cases, awaiting their opportunity to return to the stands.

“Incorporating rich game insights with advanced data visuals has a profound impact on the in-stadium fan experience,” said Wayne Ford, senior vice president of global partners and channels at Stats Perform. “Uniting two innovative, immersive technologies, our new partnership with ChyronHego empowers users to elevate the fan experience through advanced data and content creation. It is an ideal combination for colleges, universities, and professional sports franchises looking to offer more dynamic and engaging experiences for their fans.”

ChyronHego joins Stats Perform’s Sports Partners Intelligence Network (SPIN), which combines Stats Perform’s leading sports intelligence offerings (data, insights, analytics, machine learning, computer vision, and AI) with top partners to develop complementary solutions that support joint customers and the sports market.

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