Riot Games Brazil Uses VSN For E-sports Archive

Riot Games, the League of Legends (LoL) developer and organizer of the Brazilian League of Legends (CBLoL) championship, has used VSNExplorer MAM to organize, edit and distribute the content generated in their events.

Broadcasting such events - and in particular, the local League of Legends, CBLoL - means tracking each player's game screens and personal cameras plus behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and audience coverage. This generates a large amount of content and why Riot Games required a deep archive system in Brazil.

A tool was needed that could speed up their process of adding, searching and locating content, improving their availability to edit and distributing it more efficiently.

With VSNExplorer MAM, Riot Games has a system that serves as a central core to manage their content automatically, including low resolution transcoding and editing through Wedit, the integrated HTML5 web video editor to produce compilations, game summaries and promotional messages.

"Business-wise, this project is a key opportunity for VSN due to the potential of the video game industry and more specifically of E-sports,” comments Roberto Calmón, Solutions Architect and Pre-Sales at VSN. "It is an activity that keeps growing at a global level and that is increasingly integrated with traditional competitions, and Riot Games is undoubtedly the benchmark in terms of event organization and content generation.”

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