TV 2 Virtualizes TV Operations In Norway With Nevion

Norway’s commercial broadcaster TV 2 has been virtualizing its media production with the aid of Nevion’s Service Operations Center (SOC) for proactive management of IP media network operations.

Based in Poland, Nevion originally helped TV 2 migrate to IP production in 2017 by providing remote services, allowing the broadcaster to concentrate on content creation. As global lockdowns intensified this year, TV 2 admitted the decision to virtualize support and monitoring of its IP media network operations had paid unexpectedly large dividends since very few staff would have been available on-site to maintain the network in any case.

Nevion launched its SOC September 2018, in response to growing demand from broadcasters for additional help with day-to-day management of their media networks, according to the company. The SOC is now Nevion’s main operational unit for handling first line remote support, backing its 2nd and 3rd line support teams around the world. The SOC also provides proactive remote monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting services, as well as standard reports to customers for analysis of trends, system performance and network activities.

“We were an early mover to IP in the facilities, which has enabled us to gain unprecedented flexibility in our production,” said Terje Amundsen, Head of Content Technology, TV 2. “As a broadcaster though, we need to concentrate our resources and efforts on the creation and delivery of compelling programming for our viewers, so it made sense to use Nevion’s experts to monitor and support our IP media network. Nevion’s SOC has enabled us to identify and fix potential issues before they have occurred, which has been extremely valuable to us. And of course, during the COVID-19 lockdown, having Nevion looking after our IP media network remotely has made our task to adapt to the new situation much easier.”

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