​IHSE Introduces The MV42 Series MultiViewer

The new product is a four-port multiview display processor that combines a high-performance 4K60 multi-image video processor with remote keyboard/mouse control.

Two models are offered supporting either a single-head 4K DisplayPort output or dual-head 4K Display outputs. The units can display and control up to four computer sources at a time on a single 4Kp60 monitor.

The appliance provides connections for up to full 3840x2160p60 inputs and outputs. On the MV42-DPSH model there are four input ports for DisplayPort 1.2 and two output ports. On the MV42-DPDH there are four dual-head input ports and two dual-head outputs ports. For dual-head applications, the MV42-DPDH allows users to split up to four dual-head 4K60 PCs across two monitors and control both with a single keyboard and mouse.

The MV42 can provide immediate access to thousands of endpoints when combined with a Draco compact XV or Draco enterprise XV KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) matrix system. Through keyboard hot-keys or on-screen display menus from a unit connected to the KVM matrix system, users can access up to 32 hot-key PC sources per quadrant. Hot-key macros per input source can be configured by the KVM control system allowing instant preview of different computers or cameras, perfect for command and control environments.

With IHSE’s Grid Card option for Draco enterprise systems, multiple MV42 multiviewers can be utilized to share information from up to 24 KVM matrix systems.

Other features of the MV42 include support for Picture-in-Picture mode, Full Screen mode, de-embedded audio, USB-HID, and USB 2.0. The embedded audio signals can be connected to a loudspeaker (analog or digital) via a built-in audio interface to ensure that users never miss important audio alerts.

“As KVM technology advances the capabilities of larger control rooms and operation centers, our new MV42 series furthers our ability to support users who demand high-quality video walls or local multiview workstations to show the whole process of actions and activities from any connected source,” said Dan Holland, marketing manager. “This gives operators in any type of control room setting the ability to arrange and visualize their workstation while also sharing workstation data simultaneously to a video wall.”

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