Marquis Broadcast Upgrades Product Lines

Marquis Broadcast has updated its portfolio of off-the-shelf apps and technology to deliver high quality and complex software integrations, the company claims.

Many of the firm’s products have been recently upgraded. Postflux is presented as improving the archiving, versioning, integrity, security, performance and sharing of Adobe Premiere projects in extended workflows. It has been updated to support additional project types plus it supports multiple transfer engines, allowing the system to perform multiple simultaneous transfer tasks.

The latest versions of Marquis’ Avid-certified Project Parking and Workspace Tools systems provide native support and full functionality with Avid OP1A workflows. They integrate with Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces, accessed via the Avid connection client, letting you free up Avid NEXIS storage space and safely backup or park projects, making it simple for disaster recovery, workflow sync and backup to the cloud.

Project Parking can be combined with secure low cost LTO, such as the XenData X1 archive appliance or Disk Archive Corporation storage, offering a powerful archiving system for Avid shared storage management. This combined system enables archiving of old projects to LTO or cold-storage, useful when storage space on the NEXIS is running low, plus it can be used to backup projects, protecting against data loss due to a NEXIS crash.

Edit Bridge – which integrates Adobe Premiere Pro editors and After Effects artists within Avid Interplay PAM or Media Central Production Management environments – has been updated to support multiple Interplay connections, ideal when working within large broadcast systems. Improvements in the latest version include the ability to handle larger systems, with faster, more flexible searches across the Interplay PAM database.

The digital workflow offered by Marquis Broadcast’s Medway middleware solution has been expanded to allow the Medway Engine Web Service (MEWS) to run in cloud compute services, hosted in Azure and AWS Cloud.

Medway and MEWS offer a way to integrate to legacy ground-based infrastructure using the large library of off-the-shelf API-based integrations, helping integrate professional cloud and ground workflows. MEWS enables in-cloud media processing and partial file retrieve, which improves egress speed and reduces data transfer costs, plus brings all the power and capability of Medway to the cloud. This hybrid cloud workflow enables relinking, integrating and archiving of Avid assets – useful when exchanging sequences between a main facility and remote editors.

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