LTN Global Adds LTN Cue Managed Service

LTN Global has expanded access to automated channel management, advanced advertising, and content replacement workflow with LTN Cue.

Built on the same technology behind the LTN Connect managed service, which is deployed on the user premises, LTN Cue takes SCTE 35 decoration onto the LTN Network and performs SCTE marker insertion en route to video distribution partners and affiliates.

“Our LTN Cue and LTN Connect managed services help channel providers to realize the new opportunities that come with accurately marking ad breaks and other content for downstream cable, satellite, and digital platforms,” said Rick Young, svp and head of global products at LTN Global. “LTN Cue and LTN Connect automate the complex tasks of decorating feeds to suit various distributors’ profiles and guarantee the precision essential to proper downstream handling of markers.

“These services empower broadcasters, cable channels, diginets, and digital-first streaming networks to converge and scale their inventory and video distribution workflows — and in turn drive revenue growth.”

LTN Cue and LTN Connect are part of LTN’s universal media technology ecosystem, which unites technologies secured with the company’s 2019 acquisition of Niles Media Group, Make.TV, and Crystal Corporation to address workflows from production and publishing to transformation and transport.

While LTN Cue is designed for simpler playout operations and LTN Connect for more complex operations incorporating multiple sources, both services “read, interpret, transform, and apply the right message at precisely the right time to signal programs, national ad breaks, local ad breaks, and specific ads/promos in a live linear channel feed delivered on any platform.”

The services connect playout, compression, transport, and cross-platform SCTE 35 distribution workflows according to the needs of channels and distributors. They are compatible with industry-standard workflows (i.e., SCTE 104 and 130) and interoperable with workflows involving SMPTE ST 2022, ST 2110, and ST 2038.

“LTN Cue and LTN Connect are built on a decade of leadership in SCTE 104/35 channel decoration and supported by industry-leading technical resources and engineering staff,” added Roger Franklin, gm of channel management at LTN Global. “Helping channel providers address the vagaries of ad signaling across platforms, these easy-to-implement services open the door to broader channel distribution and even more effective ad monetization.”

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