MediaKind Launches Aquila Streaming aaS

MediaKind has extended its partnership with Google Cloud to enable its OTT headend solution Aquila Streaming to be offered as-a-service on the Google Cloud Platform.

MediaKind says its customers can now Google Cloud to globally deploy media processing capabilities and optimize the distribution of their OTT services.

Aquila Streaming provides significant video bandwidth savings, low end-to-end low latency and large storage reduction, it is claimed and offers support for all qualities of live video service up to UHD.

Aquila Streaming solution can be deployed on hardware on-prem, in a private cloud, or in any cloud service provider, not just Google’s.

“Through the integration into the Google Cloud ecosystem, Aquila Streaming now also provides access to a broader range of media applications and workloads through the cloud, in areas such as containerization, AI, ML and the growing network of Android TV and Google Ad Insertion solutions,” explained Richard Mansfield, head of product streaming. “All whilst offering a fully managed solution.”

He described Aquila as a dedicated device for encoding and packaging of content which MediaKind has increasingly been selling as a cloud native software solution.

“This means it can be deployed on any cloud service. We are taking the same technology available for integration on appliance and cloud native and offering it as an end to end service leveraging Google Cloud.”

One benefit is up to 30 percent bandwidth savings “over time”. Another is delivering on ultra low latency.

“A live OTT stream to Apple devices in particular using HLS can be 60+ seconds so for socially sensitive content like goals in a soccer match it is important to reduce that latency. We have optimised the entire end to end process to bring that down into the single digit (less than 10 seconds) latency so we are able to offer a broadcast-like experience.”

MediaKind’s disaster recovery in Google Cloud also removes the need for a second headend system; the combination of Aquila Streaming and Google Cloud enables local headend services and applications to be backed up and can be restarted rapidly when required. MediaKind plans to further extend its Aquila Streaming solution capabilities later this summer, offering self-provisioning availability by leveraging the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

Last year, Google Cloud was announced as a partner in the MediaKind Universe Alliance, a program which gives content providers, service providers and operators access to solutions that combine technologies and services from MediaKind with partners in cloud and other offerings. 

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