CP Communications Teams Up With Mobile Viewpoint For Community Streaming

CP Communications, a Florida based provider of live event systems, has adapted its services to help local businesses and communities stream video to their constituencies, with the help of app developer Mobile Viewpoint.

The latter’s MoJo app has long been used by journalists and contributors for remote coverage by turning smartphones and tablets into content acquisition systems. This is now being combined with backend services from CP Communications from at-home production facilities in Florida and New York to incorporate graphics, translations and other content preparation functions to enable messages to be transmitted by people without broadcasting experience.

Users download and install the MoJo app on their mobile device. The app then directs them to Mobile Viewpoint’s Webstreamur platform to login and then live streaming can begin automatically upon clicking the “Live” button. At this point users can obtain help from supporting applications such as location-based push messaging and text chat functions. Once users connect to MoJo at the front end, the streams automatically populate CP Communications’ network operation centers in Florida and New York, where the company’s technical teams can then offer additional professional services.

“The ability to communicate important information rapidly and accurately, regardless of the user’s chosen technology or platform, is paramount in these uncertain times,” said Kurt Heitmann, CEO, CP Communications. “One of the simplest and most affordable ways to achieve these is through the power of mobile devices and the Internet. We have introduced this special service to help organizations deliver press conferences, city council meetings, company announcements and worship services to their communities at a low cost and without technical burdens.”

The system uses Mobile Viewpoint’s H.264 codec to encode live video and stream to multiple platforms, including social media outlets and control rooms. Users can connect external cameras, such as a GoPro, and monitor streams in the cloud using Mobile Viewpoint’s LinkMatrix control and management center. 

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