Canal+ Deploys CI Plus Conditional Access Module In Poland

Polish DTH operator CANAL+ has launched a module supporting CI Plus ECP (Enhanced Content Protection) technology and fingerprinting with help from SmarDTV Global, a specialist in that field.

This brings security features required by MovieLabs, which represents major Hollywood studios, to distribute their content at 4K resolution. At the same time, users can continue to access non-4K content without that same level of protection, avoiding the need for them to upgrade if they do not wish to do so.

Common Interface, also called DVB-CI, is a technology allowing decryption of pay TV channels, giving operators freedom to choose which encryption method to use. The Common Interface allows TV manufacturers to support many different pay TV channels, by plugging in exchangeable conditional access modules (CAM) for various encryption schemes.

The Common Interface was originally developed by PanasonicPhilipsSamsung and Sony, SmarDTV and fabless chip maker Neotion, with the first version released in 2008. It provided a secure connection between the tuner in the TV or set top box and the CAM decrypting the DVB signal. Then in September 2018, CI Plus LLP, the trust authority for CI Plus, launched the current CI Plus Enhanced Content Protection (ECP) Security Level designed to protect premium content and UHD TV. This is based on the latest DVB v1.4 specification and designed to satisfy the content protection requirements of MovieLabs. The module deployed by Canal+ in Poland also incorporates fingerprinting technology, which enables specific content to be identified as a basis for deciding whether to allow it to be decrypted or not. This, according to Canal+, can help protect against piracy of live sporting, in addition to premium movie content.

“The CI Plus ECP module complements our digital product offer and is matching the studios needs for accessing premium contents. This product can be used with iDTVs or STB compliant with CI Plus Standard widely sold in Poland since 2010”, said Jarosław Kordaleski, VP Technology & IT at CANAL+ Platform.

CANAL+ is Poland's version of the larger French TV network of the same name, in turn owned by Paris-headquartered mass media conglomerate Vivendi SA.

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