PunQtum Unveils New Intercom BeltPack

Following the launch of the company late last year, punQtum B.V. has unveiled its first product, the Q110 Beltpack, which is part of a larger networked intercom system that offers up to 32 partylines via standard IP networks and infrastructures. The Q110 provides all the features you need to help crews communicate better.

All functionality is designed to be instantly accessible thanks to ergonomically designed buttons and an easy-to-read color display. In a stand-alone capacity the punQtum Q110 offers instant access to two channels of partyline intercom, and besides being powered via standard PoE switches, the Q110 Beltpack allows up to eight units to be daisy-chained on a single wire. The feature set also allows for any missed comms to be replayed in a voicemail-style setup. Providing ultimate scalability, the Q110 suits systems of any size, ranging from small events requiring just two beltpacks to as many are required for large, complex systems.

Using AES67 networking, the punQtum intercom system integrates seamlessly with AES67-compliant networks such as Dante and Ravenna. The company said it would release a multi-platform editing software for easy configuration and management of systems.

Arie van den Broek, CEO, said the Q110 Beltpack offers all the benefits of digital technology in a package that’s as easy to use as any analog intercom. 

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