GatesAir Expands Maxiva Transmission Family

New, liquid-cooled VHF transmitter and fresh innovations from GatesAir Europe extend bottom-line benefits.

GatesAir has added to its range of Maxiva transmitters and next-generation software innovations for digital broadcasters. GatesAir has introduced its first Maxiva liquid-cooled transmitter line for VHF television and DAB Radio, and several compact, high-density transmission solutions from its new GatesAir Europe division. GatesAir has also unveiled new ATSC 3.0 software innovations to address the unique IP networking architecture and security requirements of NEXTGEN TV.

The proven operational benefits of its liquid-cooled UHF transmitters have been brought to VHF and DAB Radio with the global debut of the Maxiva VLX-OP Series. The high-efficiency, frequency-agile transmitter line covers low-band VHF (Channels 2-6), high-band VHF (Channels 7-13), and DAB/DAB+ radio. The VLX-OP Series offers the same software-defined modulations as Maxiva VAXTE air-cooled transmitters to support global analog and digital standards.

Like GatesAir’s Maxiva ULXTE liquid-cooled UHF transmitters, the VLX-OP Series integrates redundant, liquid-cooling pumps that efficiently move transmitter-generated heat to building exteriors. The system minimizes cooling requirements inside RF shelters, and it reduces utility bills at medium-to-high power levels. The VLX-OP Series also leverages the superior power density of Maxiva transmitters to reduce size and weight, and hot-swappable modular designs to streamline maintenance.

The VLX-OP Series transmits at the same power level for ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 broadcasts (from 1.8kW to 43kW), which simplifies and lowers the cost of transitioning to NextGen TV.

NextGen TV

GatesAir has also introduced advanced software features for NEXTGEN TV content protection such as STL Security, a layer that encrypts the ATSC 3.0 content path. These features, along with a secure HTML5 web interface, will be available in all Maxiva UHF and VHF transmitters.

“GatesAir has been focused on development roadmaps for ATSC 3.0 for years, and has tested and validated the basic feature sets of the standard,” said Ray Miklius, Vice President and General Manager, TV Products, GatesAir. “We have now turned our attention to software development for advanced ATSC 3.0 features, including access control and improved user account management. These innovations ensure that our customers are fully prepared for NextGen TV operations.”

More New Solutions from GatesAir Europe

GatesAir’s US-based engineers developed the Maxiva VLX-OP in cooperation with GatesAir Europe, a recently acquired division that has brought many of its innovations to the company. Several are making their North American debut.

The Maxiva PMTX-1 Pole-Mount Transmitter Series is an outdoor pole-mounted 50W post-filter transmitter unit that can be configured as a transmitter, translator or on-channel gap filler. Covering all UHF/VHF standards plus DAB Radio, the PMTX-1 comes in a rugged, telecom-grade weatherproof enclosure ideal for extreme weather conditions, and it allows for installations where a transmitter building is not available. The DC-powered, pole-mount design has no moving parts or air filters to minimize maintenance requirements.

The Maxiva IMTX-70 Multi-Transmitter Desktop is designed in a unique compact case that can house up to six 70 W TV transmitters and/or translators/transposers, the ingenious packaging of this unique transmitter minimizes real estate costs associated with multi-transmitter operational support.

The Maxiva MultiD Multi-Carrier DAB Transmitter platform brings three DAB transmitters together into a compact 1RU chassis, a unique design attribute that reduces space and equipment costs, and simplifies installation. The multi-carrier architecture removes the need for external RF combining, and instead generates and re-transmits all three channels through a single amplifier. The multi-carrier modulation supports adjacent and non-adjacent frequencies, providing a flexible lower cost solution for DAB networks.

All three systems leverage GatesAir Europe’s clever design and engineering innovations, including cable-free, plug-in architectures that accelerate assembly and upkeep, reduce clutter and maintenance, and increase system reliability. Additionally, a single-band PA module covers all Band III frequencies in VHF and DAB Radio without jumpers, tuning or other frequency-related adjustments.

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