Sonifex Supplies Commentary Units For 2019 Badminton World Cup

Working with Japanese TV station, TV Asahi, South German television and film production company Schawa TV recently supplied three Sonifex AVN-CU2 commentator units at the 2019 Badminton World Cup, held in St. Jakobshalle, Switzerland.

Schawa TV helped produce the event, supplying its own staff to connect the Sonifex units directly to the event’s onsite network via the Dante audio-over-IP protocol.

Patrick Heidorm, Sound Engineer at Schawa TV, said that the commentator systems worked flawlessly for between 12 and 14 hours a day for the entire tournament.

Heidorm's colleague, Sebastian Schmiedt was also on location at the World Cup, helping the TV Asahi technicians set up, connect, and operate the units during the tournament broadcast.

“Connecting to the network was simple, and the units are easy to integrate and configure,” Schmiedt said. “You don't have to pull a lot of cables to use these units, just one network cable is enough to connect any number of them.”

The AVN-CU2 has redundant DANTE connections for up to 16 channels of networked audio, assigned via Dante Controller, as well as two four-wire RJ45 connections for analogue or digital connection to legacy systems. It has two mic/line inputs and two stereo headphone outputs, two sets of On-Air, Cough, and Page buttons along with four talkback buttons, a programmable user button, and six rotary encoders with access to four pages of assignable volume and pan control, and color-coded metering.

Behind the user interface is a powerful mix engine with programmable cross points and completely flexible I/O routing. Configuration of the unit is straightforward, via its web server-based control software.

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