LTN Global To Show Universal Media Technology Ecosystem

The 2019 acquisition of Niles Media Group, Make.TV, and Crystal Corporation will be shown integrated as a fully managed network for IP-based transport by LTN Global at NAB.

"Backed by a uniquely robust and extensive IP network, supported by our managed services, and equipped with top-notch cloud capabilities, LTN solutions enable you to create, command, connect, and transport video,” Malik Khan, LTN Global Executive Chairman and Co-founder. “At NAB, we'll demonstrate how LTN solutions integrate seamlessly with customers' existing infrastructure to simplify complex processes and operations. Visitors to our booth will see how they can leverage our universal media technology ecosystem to streamline, monetize, and power the content value chain."

Established with the integration of Niles Media, LTN Production gives broadcast customers access to a centralized production service, allowing them to eliminate the complexity of traditional broadcast production models that rely heavily on on-site equipment and personnel.
“Leveraging LTN's massive media production facility, including a media workflow NOC, and boasting an experienced team of broadcast industry professionals, LTN Production is available as a stand-alone service or as a complement to other LTN offerings. It addresses the full production and delivery chain for live events, from venue-to-viewer around the globe,” the company said. Under the LTN Production umbrella, LTN Flex supports fully managed, end-to-end centralized production, giving customers a one-stop shop from venue-to-viewer. LTN Flex empowers any organization to create, command, and transport content around the world, the company said. The service offers the quality of traditional broadcast production at a price point that opens up new content creation opportunities for all levels of sports organizations and non-sports entities such as enterprise, corporate, and faith-based content producers.

Leveraging the Make.TV brand, LTN's Live Video Cloud service enables browser-based routing of live video feeds for content aggregation, publishing, and distribution. LTN customers now have access to a cloud-based platform in a flexible model that suits their operations on a global ingest network. Users can acquire unlimited concurrent live feeds from professional cameras, encoders, mobile devices, drones, and online sources and curate and route these live signals within a continuous-playback multi-view to unlimited outputs. Live signals can then be distributed simultaneously to unlimited destinations online and to traditional on-premise broadcast infrastructure.

Building on tech gained from Crystal Corporation, LTN Channel Management enables distributors to maximize revenue by broadening their distribution reach and making their content more relevant to viewers. LTN Connect (stand-alone) and LTN Cue (integrated within the LTN Network) power content localization and personalization of ads in cable, satellite, and OTT distribution to increase the return on today's advertising investment, enabling automated production of rights-cleared content to all platforms that is fully capable of contextual dynamic ad insertion, live-to-VOD, and other automated workflows.

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