Cobalt Digital Has New Card-Based Routers For openGear

Cobalt comes to Las Vegas with Mini openGear Frame and re-clocking distribution amplifiers with 4K support.

Cobalt Digital will highlight the 9942-RTR Series, an openGear card-based scalable router solution. This is a series of 12G/3G/HD/SD-SDI/ASI/MADI routers providing a high-density card-based solution for openGear with a design optimized for 12G support. It fits in a compact 2RU frame.

In addition to standard openGear DashBoard support, the series offers built-in Ethernet ports for IP-based protocols such as Cobalt’s ReFLEX and SW-P-08. The 9942-RTR also offers serial and GPIO interfaces. The routers are available in 24x24 and 12x12.

Cobalt will introduce a mini frame "that fills a need when space is an issue and functionality can’t be compromised". The BBG-1300-FR is a 1/3 rack width 1RU openGear compatible frame capable of housing up to two cards. A built-in network card is Included with the chassis allowing openGear cards to be controlled and monitored in DashBoard. This miniaturized openGear 3.0 chassis features looping reference, redundant power supplies, and support for high-power delivery (60W usable).

Using the 1RU tray mount, up to three BBG-1300-FR units can fit onto a single 1 RU - perfect for high-density installations when a 2RU frame is not feasible. The BBG-1300 can be employed in remote locations as a standalone when a full-size 2RU 22 slot openGear frame is not required. The integrated LCD buttons and control knob makes status monitoring and network setup easy.

“Introducing advanced, practical and affordable solutions at NAB is a Cobalt tradition,” explained Chris Shaw, Cobalt’s evp of sales and marketing. “This year is no exception. We’ve listened to our customers and developed products that focus on the increasing adaptation of 4K; the trend to save space with high-functioning, compact units; and the overall migration to IP, HDR and operation in the Cloud.”

Also new: a series of distribution amplifiers that distributes 12G-SDI signals within an openGear frame in response to the rising demand for 4K. The 9915DA-1x16-12G 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI 1x16 Reclocking DA supports an input channel which is distributed to 16 DA outputs. The 9915DA-1x16-12G also offers optional SFP support for fiber input and DA outputs.

Cobalt’s 9915DA-2x16-XPT-12G is a 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD Quad-Channel Multi-Rate Reclocking DA with x4 Output Crosspoint that supports two input channels which can be crosspoint-routed up to 16 DA outputs.

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