Genelec S360 Monitors Used In Spain’s First Dolby Atmos Studios

Genelec Smart Active Monitors, including the high-SPL S360 two-way model, are at the heart of two new Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment-certified rooms at Telson.Tres60 studios in Madrid, Spain.

Part of Mediapro’s image and sound post-production company, Genelec said Telson.Tres60 opened its new facility in May, 2019, and decided to upgrade its monitoring capabilities.

“The system upgrades were driven by client demands and everything is in Dolby Atmos,” said sound production co-ordinator, Ana Belén Martín. “We must be able to fit the standards of each client. This means that we have to generate much more material than before because of the different types of broadcast formats – from a mobile phone to a Smart TV.”

The Telson.Tres60 team turned to local Genelec partner, Audio-Technica Iberia, for the 7.1.4 monitoring system. In both rooms S360A monitors were installed in the LCR positions, with four 1032C monitors as surrounds and the same number of 8340As covering the overhead channels.

Low frequency content is handled by a 7382A subwoofer, and with all of the monitors being calibrated and controlled via Genelec’s GLM loudspeaker management software, the monitoring system is able to provide the flexibility required to work to different standards.

Alongside the two Dolby Atmos Home rooms, the facility features a 7.1 room, two 5.1 rooms, a foley room and a movie theatre, which also benefit from Genelec monitoring technology.  

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