Barnfind Offers Most Advanced Frame

New SFP-16 option brings more interfaces and additional functionality to the BTF1-41 12G Frame benefiting long-distance fiber transport, routing, distribution and conversion.

Barnfind USA, the US-based support, service and sales arm of Barnfind Technologies plans to show its BTF1-41 12G Frame which now features an optional SFP-16 mid-board with unique BNC SFPs for increased agility and future-proof functionality.

“It empowers engineering and production professionals to easily overcome distance limitations by combining conversion from copper to fiber and back to copper with distribution and routing of 32+ signals in a 1 RU package,” Wiggo Evensen, Barnfind CEO says. “The frame incorporates future-proof technology to address emerging formats such as 4K, HDMI 2.0 and IP, but also supports all legacy formats (including analog video) allowing facility designers and production engineers to utilize new and mature technology seamlessly with practically no distance limitations. The results are a multi-functional, signal neutral fiber transport platform that widens system design capabilities while permitting system reconfiguration on-the-fly.”

The multi-range / multi-format BTF1-41 is 12G capable, includes a built-in GPIO, Tally and UMD control. The frame features BarnStudio control software, and also offers the same flexible third-party control as the existing BarnOne 3G system.

The company will also be offering customers a sneak peek to its new solution series, the BarnColor family. This is based on “a highly innovative design” and allows even the most inexperienced users to easily “connect and forget”. Barnfind facilitates the entire operation for the customer, who need only connect their SDIs, Ethernets with POE, HDMI, and audio as usual and connect their standard Dual Con Fiber connector into the BarnColor sender box and connect the incoming signal to the BarnColor receiver box. “And instantly, they are up and running - transferring electrical to optical.” 

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