Inovonics Delivers Sofia 565 FM SiteStreamer+

Inovonics is delivering its Sofia 565 SiteStreamer+, which provides analog, AES3-digital and AoIP-streaming audio outputs. Install the SiteStreamer+ within the reception contour of a broadcast station and monitor off-air analog FM via the web from anywhere in the world.

Inovonics said the device’s web interface enables remote FM/RDS tuning, streamed audio, source switching and alarms. Up to 10-listeners can simultaneously remotely monitor the audio stream.

Multiple stations can be sequentially monitored using the programmable StationRotation feature. The Sofia 568 includes a built-in BandScanner, a real-time clock and full SNMP functionality.

The SiteStreamer+ also delivers RF and audio signal measurements and dispatches email or text-message alarms for out-of-limits conditions and other reception errors. 

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