Spain’s Zapi TV Picks Anevia For OTT Delivery

Plataforma Multimedia de Operadores (PMO), a consortium of Spanish telcos and cable operators, has selected French video software vendor Anevia to supply the underlying technology for its recently launched Zapi TV platform.

Zapi was created to give local telcos a medium for delivering subscription-based content for viewing on Android set top boxes, smart TVs, smartphones and tablets, without having to build the platform themselves. This is a four-way joint venture between operators PTV Telecom and Open Cable Telecomunicaciones, along with Acutel (Association of Local Operators of Andalusia) and Aotec (National Association of Local Telecommunications Operators).

Anevia was chosen to provide a single point of contact, speeding up the entire deployment and integration process, according to PMO CTO José Carrillo. “This allows the consortium's members to offer their subscribers high quality of experience plus a rich set of features including cloud-based content search and personalized digital video recording,” Carillo added. “We have already announced the service and will be promoting it strongly from Q1 2020 with the aim of attracting up to 600,000 customers. The service will also include a package of sports channels for ultra-low-latency delivery."

Zapi TV includes support for technology under the banner of Ultra HD (UHD), including 4Kp resolution and high dynamic range (HDR). It has also been designed for scalability of both streaming and storage as far as possible, the latter being required to underpin a cloud DVR option for subscribers to schedule their own recordings through an EPG-based or instance-based programme.

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