Waves Audio Announces Native Processing Support For SuperRack

Waves Audio has announced Native processing support for its SuperRack, which is plugin processing software for broadcast and live sound engineers.

The Waves' Native mode allows users to run Waves plugins on the CPU power of a Windows/Mac computer, using any ASIO/Core Audio interface, without a SoundGrid server connected.

Use SuperRack Native and Waves Dugan Automixer to optimize mixing of multiple mics in live speaking and corporate forum installations. The Dugan Automixer plugin, automatically controls the gains of multiple mics in real time to maintain a consistent output level across all mic channels and reduce feedback, noise and comb filtering effects from adjacent microphones.

This enables matched crossfades between each speaker, without signal compression or unwanted sonic artifacts caused by noise gates.

This setup is ideal for a wide range of AV installations, including live news panels and talk shows. 

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