Auralex’s Roominator Starter Kit For Audio Recording

Auralex has created the Roominator Starter Kit, a package of acoustic materials to help reduce unwanted slap and flutter echo in small audio studios.

Auralex said the kit was created for editing suites, out-of-studio recording spaces and vocal booths in small- to medium- sized rooms. Positioning the included LENRD Bass Traps (Low End Noise Reduction Device) in the corners of the room will control low-frequency room nodes, which is very important in small spaces.

To complement the kit, Auralex offers a set of placement suggestions to optimize the performance of the setup. Studiofoam Wedges panels reduce mid-high frequency reflections, flutter echo, room ring and excessive reverberation. As users’ needs change, it is easy to add additional Studiofoam acoustical treatment to further improve the acoustics of your space.

To maximize performance in a small studio or control room, consider placing the panels at the first reflection points located to the sides, front, rear and ceiling above your listening position. To maximize performance in a live room, consider spacing the panels evenly throughout the room and staggering treatment across parallel surfaces.

For specific placement suggestions, users can submit a free Personalized Room Analysis form online. Auralex will diagram the room, including all surfaces with product placement indicated.

For an even more in-depth analysis of the room, Auralex offers the Room Analysis Plus service. Auralex supplies the frequency sweeps, the user sends recordings of the room and Auralex will deliver more detailed suggestions based on the findings.

Additionally, users can employ the RLX Room Layout Express App for suggestions about additional Auralex products to improve the sound of their room.  

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