Avid Introduces Pro Tools/MTRX Studio

Avid has announced Pro Tools/MTRX Studio, which combines high-quality I/O, extensive routing possibilities and extensive monitoring capabilities in a single 1U rackspace. 

Avid said the new product is a studio centerpiece, ideal for pro music and audio post facilities and studios of all sizes. It features ample and flexible connectivity, whether connecting analog or digital signals.

Avid’s Pro Tools/MTRX Studio consolidates all outboard gear and desired connections. It has 18 channels of analog I/O and is ready to accept a wide array of microphones, instruments, speakers, processors and other outboard devices. Digital connectivity features DigiLink, 64 channels of Dante and ADAT, making it easy to combine and simplify any signal chain.

In addition to all the audio signal connection possibilities, Pro Tools/MTRX Studio utilizes DADman control software to assist in routing, creating and recalling monitor profiles. MTRX Studio also delivers SPQ speaker calibration, built directly into the box.

With its 64 channels of Dante and 18 channels of analog I/O, the Studio is ready to tackle immersive sound for audio post and music. It can monitor up to 7.1.4 and above and can interface with a Dolby Atmos renderer.

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