AEA Introduces An Active Version Of The R88 Stereo Microphone

AEA has announced the R88A Stereo Microphone, an active version of the classic R88 Mk2 Passive Stereo Ribbon Microphone. 

AEA said the active version is more transparent and neutral, and works efficiently with any modern mic preamplifier. The new mic is powered by 48-volt phantom power, is mic preamp agnostic and less susceptible to cable length and type.

The new model now offers an alternative to the passive R88 Mk2, which is more dependent on the first links in the signal chain and the choice of a high-gain preamp.

Both far-field mics feature a pair of ribbons in a fixed Blumlein and mid-side configuration with the same sonic character for an open and natural sound. The passive and active versions of the stereo microphone will continue to be available.

The essential difference between the two stereo microphones is their transformers. The passive Mk2 has the original RCA 44 sound, using a transformer that matches the original classic mic. This means the microphone is also very sensitive to cable length and preamp impedance loading. AEA has created a line of preamps to minimize those variables.

The new active microphone uses a custom amorphous core toroid transformer that delivers wider bandwidth, 12dB more output voltage and wider dynamics. A phantom powered unity gain JFET impedance buffer drives the microphone cable. It also isolates the ribbon and transformer from interactive effects from cable length and preamp impedance.

Packaged in a five-pound black shell designed for quick setup, both mics are ideal for remote recording, often on OneMic configurations.

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