Universal Audio Introduces Luna, A Free DAW For UA Hardware Owners

Universal Audio has debuted Luna, a free DAW that is designed to bring seamless tracking integration with UA Thunderbolt interfaces and plugins.

Universal Audio called Luna a complete recording system. It will also feature the company's first software synthesizers and virtual instruments. The DAW will be free for both existing and new UA Apollo and Arrow Thunderbolt hardware users, but will not work on older USB or Firewire connected units.

Luna offers the opportunity for home recordists and professional engineers to use Luna when mixing or otherwise making use of many plugins.

Luna's tight hardware-software integration allows quick routing and recording audio through DSP-powered UAD plugins with no discernible latency via the new Accelerated Realtime Monitoring feature.

It offers precisely emulated audio summing circuitry from the Neve 80-Series audio mixing consoles designed by Neve Electronics in the 1960s and early 1970s, featuring the harmonically rich sound of the Neve 1272 summing amplifier.

It features integrated Multitrack Tape emulation via the included "Oxide" Luna Extension, which provides sonic qualities commonly described by audio engineers as "warmth" and "cohesion" on every desired audio or instrument track.

Luna will be available for download this spring for Mac users only. 

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