RME Introduces Babyface Pro FS Audio Interface

RME has introduced the Babyface Pro FS, a new audio interface that features SteadyClock FS technology to improve self-jitter.

RME said the new interface also features a variety of upgrades and benefits, including increased headphone power and a slew of plug-ins from companies like Scuffham Amps, Gig Performer and Brainworx via the Plugin Alliance.

In digital audio, clock frequency is an essential factor as it creates the correlation between the audio bits and the time reference. However, clock frequency is not always as stable as desired. The new Babyface Pro FS offers the full SteadyClock FS circuit for the lowest and highest jitter immunity.

Excellent performance in all clock modes and high-quality analog conversion allows users to hear their mix as it is. Digital format conversion in RME products are done without any loss or depredation.

This helps optimize recordings and mixes because the soundstage has more depth and clarity. SteadyClock FS improves converter performance and takes the over-all audio quality to reference class performance.

The Babyface Pro FS offers ultra high-end audio performance. It has improved the mic preamps, AD/DA converters and an improved headphone circuit. The unit will also ship with both a USB 2 and USB C cable, making it easily compatible for users of all computer types.

A new +19/+4 dBu switch on the bottom of the interface adds a direct way to reduce the output level, thus improving SNR for sensitive active monitors, avoiding distortion/overload and helping to keep TotalMix FX faders near 0 dB instead of high attenuations. 

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