Sirui Introduces Gimbal Models For Small Cameras

Sirui has announced a new series of gimbal models for smartphones, sports and DSLR cameras.

Sirui M1 Gimbal.

Sirui M1 Gimbal.

Sirui said the Swift M1 provides access to creative features with a high load capacity that will also support a mobile lens. Designed for mobile phone video recording, the Swift M1 can be folded into a compact fit for transport.

Instant app control via Bluetooth connection provides access to features such as Active Track and Hitchcock Mode. The gimbal can be used for Cinematic "Widescreen Film Vision" videos in 2.4:1 aspect ratio when bundled with the VD-01 Anamorphic Lens.

With a variable motor function, the Sirui Swift P1 is engineered to provide smooth stabilization for multiple devices including a mobile camera, DSLR with lens and Sports cameras. An OLED UI shows a range of options for precise shooting control with the auxiliary wheel dial. Tripod legs can be unfolded for support to capture steady shots.

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