Genelec And Mick Sawaguchi Join For ‘Subjective Immersive’ Recording Project

Genelec has collaborated with Japanese engineer Mick Sawaguchi to produce a series of classical immersive recordings that capture performances by an ensemble of renowned Finnish musicians in Lahti’s Sibelius Hall. 

Mick Sawaguchi and Siamäk Naghian.

Mick Sawaguchi and Siamäk Naghian.

Sawaguchi recalls how the project came about thanks to conversations that took place at last year’s AES spatial audio conference in Tokyo. “I gave a lecture about immersive music recording and demonstrated various recordings from the Unamas label in the Genelec demo room.

At the event I had discussions with Genelec’s MD Siamäk Naghian about working together on an immersive recording that could become a reference disc for the company.”

A year later and the project had developed further with professional double bassist and Genelec brand artist, Juho Martikainen, working closely with Sawaguchi on the concept. The pair worked to select the music for the recording and the classical musicians for the performance.

“We wanted to use the latest equipment but keep the mic’ing as simple as possible,” said Sawaguchi. “We opted for a spider tree setup with the artists placed around the main mic, with other microphones placed to capture the rich sound of the hall. This is what I call ‘Subjective Immersive’, as we are using microphones as tools to capture the art.”

The monitoring solution comprised a pair of Genelec’s 8341 coaxial point source monitors located within a lobby space of Lahti’s Sibelius Hall, which operated as a monitoring room for the immersive recording before the final mix by Sawaguchi at his recording studio back in Japan.

In this type of ad- hoc monitoring environment, Genelec’s GLM calibration software was invaluable in optimising the 8341s for the space and minimizing any unwanted acoustic influences.

The recordings will be used to help showcase Genelec immersive systems at events globally, and Genelec is also researching what other type of platforms it can use for immersive material.

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