Long-Haul Wireless Links Trends

Technology and innovation move fast in the broadcast equipment industry. Bonded cellular broadcasting is one of the most active categories.

Broadcasting bonded cellular manufacturers can’t wait for the April annual NAB Show to introduce, unveil and debut significant new products. The fall series of TV trade shows on both sides of the Atlantic were venues for technological developments in all broadcast equipment categories. Following are the latest activities among leaders in bonded cellular solutions, presented in alphabetical order.


AVIWEST recently announced simplified delivery of live video streams to affiliates with StreamHub. The new transceiver enables broadcasters to simultaneously interconnect to numerous third-party live transmitters. It is a scalable and tailored video solution for managing and sharing live streams from multiple transmitters from a single control point.

The software version of StreamHub is now vendor-agnostic and universally compatible with third-party transmitters. The power to interconnect to numerous third-party live transmission tools instantaneously saves time and money.

StreamHub offers a web-based user interface with a video thumbnail view. This tool allows broadcasters to build a live video multiview composed with all input streams, which can be fed to affiliates. The multiview can be enriched with overlay information for each source, such as audio level and transmitter name. This capability reduces data while feeding affiliates with multiple streams, allowing affiliates to choose a mainstream from those available.

Beginning with NAB NY, longtime AVIWEST US distributor VidOvation represented V-Nova solutions in the U.S market. The company now represents V-Nova’s line of PPro-powered P.Link products for the rapidly growing contribution and remote production markets in the United States.


Dejero debuted its new EnGo 260 HEVC mobile transmitter at IBC 2019. The 5G ready EnGo 260 provides enhanced picture quality, betters the user experience, and continues the tradition of providing the most versatile and durable mobile transmitter available.

Aircraft aluminum monocoque construction and polycarbonate ABS bumpers give the EnGo maximum durability.

Aircraft aluminum monocoque construction and polycarbonate ABS bumpers give the EnGo maximum durability.

The new EnGo 260 weighs 30% less while maintaining the rugged Dejero reputation. It also features an 85% larger screen improving user visibility and accessibility. It comes with a significantly more powerful internal rechargeable battery that provides 120 minutes of use and is compatible with and recharged by standard gold mount and v-mount ENG batteries.

EnGo 260 features Dejero’s patented Smart Blending Technology. It aggregates multiple network technologies, including cellular and satellite, from multiple network providers to create a virtual ‘network of networks’ that delivers enhanced reliability.

The technology dynamically and intelligently manages the fluctuating bandwidth, packet loss, and latency differences of individual connections in real-time, to choose the optimal path to route IP packets to their destination. The result is increased reliability and expanded availability from connection diversity and higher bandwidth when and where it is needed.

The mobile transmitter supports 20 Mb/s encoding and 1080p 50/60 and uses a unique hybrid encoding technique - a combination of hardware and software encoding that provides the most efficient and flexible way to deliver the best picture quality. Hybrid encoding balances performance and power consumption and enables easy remote updates to transmitters deployed in the field. Advanced RF design with optimized antenna performance results in a stronger and more reliable signal from cellular towers.

Other Dejero Solutions

Along with Dejero’s latest 5G-ready solutions shown at the IBC 2019 show, the company also demonstrated SMPTE 2110 support, return video solutions, CellSat blended connectivity, IronRoute for media content distribution solution, and GateWay connectivity.

Dejero's CuePoint 100 low-latency rack-mounted return feed server simplifies field production. Latency can be as little as 250 milliseconds. Up to eight return video and tele-prompting feeds from the broadcast center can be seen in the field by the talent on a tablet or dedicated monitor above or below the camera, or on multiple mobile devices by camera operators, field directors and technicians.

Dejero’s WayPoint 204 reconstructs video transported over multiple IP connections from Dejero transmitters, decodes HEVC or AVC, delivers four channels of balanced IFB, and provides four outputs supporting SMPTE ST 2110.

CellSat blended connectivity service is available in Europe and North America. It now comes with additional features that provide enhanced reliability, multiple antenna options including portable fly-away and vehicle-mount options, and additional connectivity plans to suit the varied needs of customers. CellSat solves challenges such as cellular network congestion or degrading performance in fringe locations by intelligently blending all available cellular connections with Intelsat’s Ku-band IP satellite network.

IronRoute blends broadband, cellular (3G/4G/5G), and satellite connectivity from Intelsat’s global network.

New features added to the Dejero GateWay solution include reliable connectivity on any type of IP connection and faster file transfer methods.

LiveU drove their new Global IP demonstration truck to TV stations across the US.<br />

LiveU drove their new Global IP demonstration truck to TV stations across the US.


LiveU showed the first LU600 5G at the October NAB NY, a fully compliant 5G LU600 solution for global newsgathering and live sports coverage. With internal 5G modems, and high efficiency antennas covering all sub 6GHz frequencies for 5G and 4G, integrated with LiveU’s award-winning 4K HEVC technology, the LU600 5G offers customers the most powerful, reliable and future-proof cellular transmission solution.

In the US, LiveU and AT&T have teamed up for live news and sports broadcasts, testing the real-work impact and performance enhancements 5G technology has on live broadcast video production using LiveU units, recently illustrated in a 5G-based production of the NBA Summer League.

Elsewhere, LiveU is participating in 5G tests and events with other leading operators, including Vodafone in Italy and KT Corporation in South Korea. Also, in South Korea, LiveU successfully broadcast live to five countries around the world the 100th anniversary orchestra tribute to the provisional government via SK Telecom’s 5G wireless network.

LiveU also showed the powerful new LU300 HEVC enabling content creators to transmit high-quality video on-the-go. The company showcased its new Remote At-Home Production applications, including Tally Light, Cloud Graphics, and LiveU Control for simple control of units via smartphones.

Global IP US Tour

LiveU recently debuted a new truck featuring global IP service during a 50-city tour across the US. Global IP offers easy conversion of existing satellite trucks and always-on service.

Global IP combines LiveU’s hardware-based HEVC encoding technology with cost-effective IP satellite service to provide guaranteed coverage wherever the story takes the stations. The best part? Broadcasters can use their existing satellite truck and easily convert it into a hybrid solution with on-demand IP satellite capabilities.

“Global IP has been well-received by the industry. The unique workflow, ease of use, speed and quality of service, combined with the cost-savings, make it a viable solution for broadcasters,” noted Mike Savello, LiveU VP of Sales. “Global IP guarantees 100% reliability at the highest video quality. Broadcasters can use it as a backup to cellular when necessary.”

Remote IP with ASG

LiveU and Athletic Sport Group (ASG) recently announced joining forces to offer broadcasters and publishers a full service for sports production and the distribution of live content over IP. The solution offered by ASG Broadcast Services, incorporates LiveU’s cloud-based Matrix video distribution platform, which enables sports rights-holders and content owners to live stream their sporting event reliably and cost-effectively to multiple destinations and TV stations worldwide.

Built on LiveU’s award-winning technology, LiveU Matrix relies on the company’s Reliable Transport Protocol for rock-solid video delivery over non-guaranteed IP networks.

ASG Broadcast Services manages hundreds of live broadcasts around the world. The group originally used LiveU’s cost-effective contribution and distribution solutions for fight sports and now uses its technology for various popular sports properties.

After borrowing a LiveU unit from LAPD last year, the LAFD realized it needed its own LiveU fleet.

After borrowing a LiveU unit from LAPD last year, the LAFD realized it needed its own LiveU fleet.


The LAFD recently deployed a new live streaming workflow with LiveU at the heart of the solution to produce high-quality video for public-facing special events and internal communications among command and control operations.

The department had zero live streaming capabilities over a year ago. After borrowing the LAPD’s LiveU Solo unit during last year’s 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony, they decided to contact LiveU and discuss their production needs.

With four LiveU LU600 units reserved for LAFD’s Public Information Officer (PIO), Public Service Officer (PSO), Drone Program, and Communications team, the LAFD can coordinate in real-time among the various sections and leverage the LiveU technology for a host of applications including public safety, situational analysis for emergency situations, resource allocation and direction, real-time feedback, public information, and special events coverage.

TVU News

TVU Networks introduced TVU Talkshow at NAB NY, the first all-in-one solution for live event production that allows for live audience participation via video.

TVU Talkshow was showcased alongside its integrated, automated, story-centric workflow solution, TVU MediaMind. The company offered an affordable custom solutions package designed specifically for freelancers; the package will potentially open the door to TVU’s 3,000+ global customer base.

TVU MediaMind tags media assets with AI-generated metadata.

TVU MediaMind tags media assets with AI-generated metadata.

TVU conducted a unique live demonstration of its TVU Talkshow solution between its booth and a remote studio location. TVU Talkshow takes audience engagement to the next level by allowing people to participate in live events or hosted shows by calling in using the TVU Talkshow mobile application.

The solution’s integrated caller management system helps producers pre-screen any number of callers, and support for IFB enables bidirectional communication between hosts and callers as well as production crews and camera operators.

Talkshow is entirely cloud-based, making setup and operation extremely simple and it can be managed on a user-friendly web-based interface. TVU Talkshow can deliver video to multiple locations, including CDNs, social media platforms, web pages and TVU Grid-enabled television stations, with a single click; it is also capable of traditional SDI output via a TVU receiver.

TVU demonstrated MediaMind. It uses AI to tag media assets with metadata as they move from the acquisition stage through to distribution to allow broadcasters to better organize and track their media content. It ultimately makes it possible for users to produce content for a number of platforms, including traditional broadcast and social media. With the workflow solution, broadcasters can save time, increase productivity, customize and ultimately better monetize their raw video content.

In addition to TVU Talkshow and TVU MediaMind, TVU also exhibited its flagship mobile live HEVC video transmitter, TVU One, powered by patented transmission technology Inverse Statmux Plus (IS+).

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