France TV Moves Into New Martinique Facilities With Marina Lite

When France TV Outre-Mer (the overseas territory division of France TV) moved into new facilities on the island of Martinique, it chose to upgrade many of its core technology systems in order to improve technology operations supporting local news studio.

As part of this move, the station, which is one of only three French overseas territories to have its own local TV channel, has installed a new Marina Lite automation control system from Pebble Beach Systems.  The Marina Lite system controls two channels of playout, one for the main output and a second representing a completely redundant backup.

Marina Lite features a configurable control layer, with the capability for a single client to control up to 6 channels. The operator has clear visibility of multi-channel operations, and a direct desktop view of playout and ingest monitoring. Custom user privileges and desktop layouts can be set to minimize operator error and optimize the user experience.

“Prior to installing the Marina system, we had no backup playlist in case anything went wrong,” said Jean-François Laupa, Technical Center Manager at France TV. “This additional safety coupled with a new UI and tools for our operators is a great step forward for our operations.”

The new automation system controls Harmonic ChannelPort servers—for clip playback and graphic playouts—and a Ross video router. Lora Solutions has provided a traffic system that is fully integrated with the Pebble Beach Systems’ Marina API, enabling the Lora system to send playlists and manage As-run formats as well as ingest and deletion requests. Marina retrieves clips from a nearline storage system supplied by Object Matrix.

A Paris-based France TV team handled the integration on-site in Martinique.

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