Atomos Shows First Fruit Of Timecode Systems Acquisition

Following its acquisition of Timecode Systems last month, Atomos showed a new accessory for the Ninja V on-camera reorder/monitor called AtomX SYNC at the recent InterBEE 2019 show in Japan (November 13-15) that includes fully integrated sync power technology from Timecode Systems. The AtomX Sync is one of a series of new modules that Atomos has made available for the Ninja V.

The optional AtomX Sync accessory adds wireless synchronization and remote device control features to the Ninja V’s feature set. Attaching the module locks the connected camera into a frame-accurate sync with other Ninja V units. It also works with other sound and video devices, and is compatible with smartphone camera apps using Timecode Systems products.

Paul Scurrell, founder of Timecode Systems said that anyone who has tried to scramble together various sources of sound and video media from a multicamera shoot knows what a huge hassle aligning and synchronizing content can be for postproduction.

“This is usually down to a lack of accurate sync points,” Scurrell said. “The drive behind the partnership of Atomos and Timecode Systems is to use some very smart wireless technology to take away this pain. The AtomX Sync for the Ninja V is the first hint at the powerful reality of our combined proposition.”

The Atomos Ninja V monitor/recorder can record up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR video direct from a camera's sensor over an HDMI 2.0 connection. When combined with a 1TB AtomX SSDmini drive users can record up to 150 minutes of 4K images.

“We’ve made significant strides forward with our mission to disrupt the market by pushing new boundaries with our product range and exploring some really exciting new applications of technology,” Jeremy Yong, CEO/founder of Atomos, said. “At InterBEE, I’m delighted to have the AtomX Sync and Asynchronous switching on Sumo19 as two significant show pieces that really hammer home how committed we are to democratizing the technology powering video content creation.”

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