MuxLab Adds To DigiSign Software In 4K Media Player

IP solutions provider MuxLab has made the loading and management of content playing on its 4K Digital Signage Media Player easier. New features in DigiSign CMS, the software for the product, supports Windows, iOS and Android systems.

The new features support distributed networks of multiple players. Users can create playlists and schedule content weekly for an autonomous performance. In addition to overall performance upgrades, keywords can now be uploaded via Excel, which in turn, can update the text on the screen automatically, improving the ease with which text can be created and utilized in the scheduling of content.

“When integrated with Muxlab's selection of AV over IP solutions, video wall arrangements are fully supported and content can be delivered from the 4K Digital Signage Media Player to potentially thousands of displays at a time, in a totally flexible manner,” said MuxLab’s VP Business Development & Product Management Joe Teixeira. “With DigiSign, the creation of multi-view windows and the assignment of content to each virtual window either on a single display, multiple displays and scalable video walls is simple and effective.”

DigiSign operates via a GUI that can be accessed on any tablet or smartphone. When scheduling content, multiple audio, video and image files are supported for better customization of content. Playlists can be uploaded, created and scheduled in advance and scheduled throughout the week for independent “set and forget” use. Designed to be exceptionally easy to use, most users of DigiSign are up and running in mere minutes, making sophisticated signage a reality in nearly any installation. 

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