Matthews Introduces Rock N’ Roller Wheel Sets

Matthews Rock n’ Rollers quickly slip onto production stands, enabling them to smoothly roll over rocks, power cables, cable crossovers, gravel, asphalt, uneven concrete and soft grass.

Designed with input from DITs, video assistants, grips and gaffers, Matthews said the add-on wheels feature three foam semi-pneumatic tires to enhance stability. They are three-inches wide by eight-inches diameter and won’t go flat.

With 360-degree rotation, the wheels maneuver in any direction yet can maintain a straight line when rolling across the set. The face locking pedal brake features an adjustable pad to ensure strength throughout the life of the wheel.

A dual-lock mechanism, it secures both wheel rotation as well as caster swivel. The round top plate keeps pointy corners out of the way when engaging and disengaging the brake. Matthews’ proprietary Spring Steel Sleeve attaches the wheels to the stand for a secure fit without damaging the legs’ sidewall.

Available in three versions, the Monitor Wheel Set pairs with the Monitor Stand II and Slider Stands. The Combo Wheel Set goes with Matthews Combo Stands or any stand with a one-inch square tube leg. The Mombo Combo set is compatible with 1-½-inch square tube leg stands. 

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