China’s Shanxi Television Upgrades News Studio With Calrec Brio Console

Shanxi Television is a network serving the Taiyuan and Shanxi province that broadcasts in Jin Chinese. The popular channel, based in China, recently upgraded the audio portion of its new production studio with a Calrec Audio Brio36 mixing console, which has been configured for the broadcaster’s newscasts and talk shows.

The new studio was unveiled in August to cover the China National Youth Games, with more than 10 hours of live programming produced in the studio each day. For the Games, they received signals from multiple venues and the hosts and guests adding commentary in the studio.

Wu Jie, Supervisor of the technical department of Shanxi Television, said that they set up the new studio in 10 days, with five days of training on the new Calrec console. The operators like the Brio’s many features—like swapping a fader on an individual strip, ALT-input, auto mixing—and the fact that labeling channel strips is easy.

Jie said the Brio console brings “great sound quality and stability. The last point is very important. The intuitive I/O connections and simple-to-use software and surface helped us save a lot of time during installation in this new studio and with the training, too.”

The Brio36 console includes 36 dual layer faders, up to 96 legs assignable as mono, stereo or 5.1 Input Channels, 6 band EQ on every channel, group, aux and main path, dynamics on every path, including Expander/gate/ducker, sidechain EQ, key inputs, compressor and multi-band compressor, and 36 legs assignable as mono, stereo or 5.1 Mains or Groups.

Later this year, Shanxi Television will be working with 4K content and they anticipate that the Brio’s 5.1 capabilities and expandability will be beneficial. The Brio console was deemed the best choice for this new studio after taking into consideration its size, functionality and price.

RAC Pro, Calrec’s local reseller, provided installation services and product training. This is the broadcaster’s second Brio installation, with the first installed in 2018.

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