Benro Introduces 3XS & 3XS Lite SmartMic Gimbal Kits

The Benro 3XS and 3XS Lite gimbals now feature Saramonic SmartMics that capture audio in front of the mic, while rejecting sound from behind and on the sides.

Benro said an integrated swivel enables video makers to point the mic directly at the sound they want to capture. This swivel makes it simple to switch between interview and vlog style shots.

The small-sized SmartMic is combined with the folding design of the Benro 3XS and 3XS Lite, creating exceptional portability.

Benro-Saramonic 3XS Kit

Benro-Saramonic 3XS Kit

The 3XS and 3XS Lite Mic Kits feature a collapsible gimbal arm, long battery life of up to 24 hours on a single charge and audio pass-through. Plug a TRRS microphone into the handle of the 3XS Lite and record high-quality audio directly to your smartphone.

The 3XS Lite will go from horizontal to vertical and vice-versa with the single push of a button. No adjustment or rebalancing needed.

The mic brings broadcast-quality sound to mobile devices. 

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