AKG Announces Lyra Multimode USB Microphone

AKG has announced the Lyra Ultra-HD, multi-mode USB microphone, a mic with an adjustable four microphone array.

AKG said Lyra delivers the highest audio quality in its class, with acoustically transparent, 4K-compatible, 24-bit/192kHz audio resolution. The microphone provides user-selectable capture modes that are optimized for any type of performance.

An internal self-adjusting shock mount minimizes contact noise, while a built-in sound diffuser and AKG’s proprietary Internal Element Overload Prevention automatically reduces noise, eliminates pops and improves signal levels.

The Adaptive Capsule Array uses four capture modes. The front mode isolates the target sound from background noise by rejecting unwanted sounds at the microphone back and sides. It was designed for capturing or live-streaming spoken word, vocals or close-mic’d instruments.

Front and Back mode captures and blends together sound equally on all sides, which is ideal for face-to-face interviews and duets. Tight Stereo mode captures audio in stereo with discrete left and right audio, providing separation for side-by-side interviews or panel discussions, or for recording instruments like drums or piano.

Wide Stereo mode captures audio with greater stereo separation, room ambience and depth. This is for dynamic situations where users want to capture sounds from all around the mic such as documentaries, field recordings or spontaneous jam sessions.

Lyra is compatible with Mac, iOS and Windows.

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