RTS-Equipped OB-8 Remote Truck Used For Italian Soccer

RTS intercom systems was chosen for Global Production’s OB coverage of the European Under-21 soccer championships in Italy. 

Global, a Turin-based company, deployed its OB-8 truck equipped with RTS intercoms to cover the tournament. It is the first RTS system to be used in a Global truck. It features an ADAM intercom matrix with 50 KP-series keypanels optimized for use with OMNEO IP-networking technology – 35 KP-5032 and 15 KP-4016.

The full-sized ADAM matrix supports up to 272 ports. It can be configured to form multi-frame systems of up to 880 ports and supports a wide variety of audio interface cards. Global opted for the ADAM matrix due to the power of the available ports and the compatibility with Dante and AES 67. 

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