ChyronHego Coach Paint Enters Fourth Season With Kansas State Wildcats Football Team

ChyronHego has announced that the Kansas State University (KSU) Wildcats football team is entering its fourth season with ChyronHego’s Coach Paint telestration tool. 

ChyronHego’s Coach Paint is a core element in the KSU Wildcats' training program, giving the coaching staff high-end telestration techniques similar to those used on professional sports broadcasts. In addition, the team's video production unit uses Coach Paint to illuminate and enhance game footage.

"Video enhanced with the 'eye candy' generated by Coach Paint helps our coaches communicate key points to our players quickly and in a highly memorable manner, and the tool has greatly enhanced our video production workflows and helped bring an extra measure of excitement to our outside video audiences,” said Scott Eilert, director of video services - football, KSU Wildcats.

The team originally chose Coach Paint because the product is specifically designed for coaches and athletes, with intuitive graphics capabilities for quickly highlighting plays to the same standards used by broadcast productions. With Coach Paint, Wildcats coaches are able to better engage players while illustrating key plays and techniques. 


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