Mackie Announces ProFXv3 Professional Effects Mixers With USB

Mackie has announced a new third version of its ProFX audio mixer with Onyx mic preamps, GigFX Effects Engine, 2x4 24-Bit/192kHz USB recording and a new design. 

Mackie said the new mixer ProFXv3 line — available from six to thirty channels — is useful for a range of applications including content creators, home recording studios, live streaming and live sound for venues.

Included with the purchase of any ProFXv3 model is the Pro Tools|First DAW, plus the Mackie Musician Collection featuring 23 Avid plug-ins. The ProFXv3 Series is available in the 6-Channel ProFX6v3, 10-Channel ProFX10v3, 12-Channel ProFX12v3, 16-Channel ProFX16v3, 22-Channel ProFX22v3 and 30-Channel ProFX30v3.

ProFXv3 Series mixers start with Onyx mic preamps that offer high noise and distortion performance to ensure the cleanest signal path possible. The mixer features up to 60dB of gain.

The mixers are equipped with single-knob compression, making it easy to keep levels in check. Instruments can be connected directly with Hi-Z switches.

The Mackie ProFXv3 Series Professional Effects Mixers with USB will be available at the beginning of October, 2019. 

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