Core SWX Introduces The Hypercore NEO At IBC

At IBC, Core SWX debuted the Hypercore NEO, a new version firmware upgradable 98-watt hour battery with a modular design to reduce wiring and insure build integrity.

Core SWX said the new battery is available in V and gold mounts. The battery has a 12-amp draw. By having less internal wiring, the battery has fewer failure points.

To protect against self-discharge and to comply with travel regulations, the NEO incorporates a storage mode. The battery goes to sleep after 48 hours and hibernates when there is no battery usage. Once the battery is handled, it awakens. It can hold a charge longer if stored for over two days.

The Neo has a five-volt USB port for charging mobile devices. It also has a “smart” p-tap output that is rated at 12 volts DC. A backlit LCD provides nominal runtime based off a 25 watt load, remaining runtime once connected to a device and remaining charge time when on a charger.

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