Brainstorm InfinitySet Integrated With FOR-A Switcher

InfinitySet will demonstrate at IBC integration with FOR-A HANABI HVS-100/110 mixers for enhancing virtual set production.

The integration adds new storytelling possibilities by accessing a virtual world with as many virtual cameras as required.

According to Takaaki Imoto, Senior Director of FOR-A, “We are glad to offer our HANABI HVS-100/110 users the possibility to directly control Brainstorm’s InfinitySet virtual set solution, which provides additional possibilities for live, on-air real-time virtual set production. By controlling an InfinitySet, users can directly access a plethora of features while they are still in their familiar environment, without any hassle.”

The integration allows HANABI users to remotely control Brainstorm’s InfinitySet output, despite the existing software mixer the product has, so the HANABI panel can directly control the InfinitySet’s live program functions. Users will have access to Preview and Program mode, allowing HANABI to control the cameras and views of the virtual set directly from its control panel, with real-time updating of the changes directly on HANABI´s user interface.

The integration provides further flexibility for broadcasters and program makers, as the on-air operators do not require training in 3D virtual sets to drive the InfinitySet content as required by the producer. Such workflow allows broadcasters to make the best use of their team’s time and abilities, so designers and 3D operators do not have to be involved in on-air operation, plus simplifies the workflow providing a familiar production environment to live operators. As the HANABI controls InfinitySet via standard Ethernet, the installation is transparent to any broadcaster workflow.

“We are proud of providing such a straight-forward solution to our partner company FOR-A, especially for HANABI users that want to use live virtual sets, even with photorealistic content, using all of InfinitySet’s advanced virtual set and augmented reality features. This integration allows for a simplified workflow as on-air operators can directly use their HANABI panel to control an advanced 3D virtual set solution like InfinitySet,” comments Héctor Viguer, COO and CTO of Brainstorm.

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