Newzroom Afrika Implements MatrixStore To Support Archive

A 1 Petabyte MatrixStore is now in place at the 24/7 News channel in South Africa.

Newzroom Afrika required a storage platform to securely manage, protect and give access to content. The platform needed to integrate with their Avid based newsroom environment to enable simple movement of assets from online to nearline. It also needed to integrate to the chosen MAM system to provide a secure archive environment to finished content.

Jayosh George, HOD Technical Operations at Newzroom Afrika commented: “As our archive continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly apparent that we needed to better preserve that content whilst making it instantly accessible. Object Matrix MatrixStore was an attractive solution for us as it is a non-proprietary, extremely versatile and built for multiple media workflows and it offers everything we were looking for in a secure yet accessible archive platform."

MediaCloud Networks assisted Newzroom Afrika with implementing the solution. The solution consists of 1PB MatrixStore object storage with access to content provided by standard interfaces, Interconnect (for Avid Interplay) and the Vision application to visualise their archived assets. The cluster will be installed in a single location in the facility in Johannesburg.

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